Thoughts are FREE – Part 2

SO, who’s business have you been in?  Yours? everybody else’s? or God’s Business?

Well today, being part of the property industry, i had a new property that i needed to start to manage, i was arranging the landlord Gas and various Certificates to be carried out by our reliable company we use;, and thought about how being a landlord or an agent how much we have to go into everyone else’s business, and how it can be quite a stressful industry to go in.

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Are you Hungry?

hungryIs that a yes or a no?  Not a maybe?

How you answered this question is very crucial to your business.  From what I’ve learnt from the business gurus of the world that you have to be Hungry to be successful and consistent in your field and to be highly successful!

Can you say you are still hungry from the time you started your business to now?

In order to be successful in what you are doing or business you have created, you have to still have the hunger you started of with, many years later and to date. Continue reading Are you Hungry?

Excellent Response

After our posts last year, we have had a few of you contact us over the holiday period regarding the companies we use.  Do look at, There are some very valuable and reputable company, do not hesitate to contact them that we have recommended in the past.

We are all for supporting local businesses to expand then those big commercial companies, so do reach out to them, its an absolutely excellent asset for business.  We believe this is the key component to a successful business, do make sure you are using these companies.  Do not hesitate to contact us and if you would like to know more about us see this link.
west midlands

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We had a good break and you?

It’s been along time since I have posted due to the holiday period.   Hope you all had a brilliant holiday.

As promised our next post will be on impacting the wider community positively.

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Cash Flow Thoughts

All industries take into account their cash flow.  This is a very important aspect of any business.

In this post i will be looking at:thoughtsbusiness

What your cash flow is determined by?

How you bring in your cash flow?

Why is it important how your business cash flows?

Your cash flow?

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Our Business…

Following on from our last post about how we was getting our property work done for our prospective tenants, we learnt how to just concentrate on our business and make sure to have completed all business on our part and then are never concerned with any issues that occur later. Continue reading Our Business…

Thoughts are FREE.

thoughtsfreeSo, here we are, my second post and as promised, i just want to talk about something that resonates with me each and everyday and also something i look at everyday, without it, i dont think i would have ever been able to write this blog.

As the title of this post suggests that ‘thoughts are free’, if we really understood this, the rest of our entrepenuerial journey as well as a day to day life would be so RICH with something that is FREE.  Formula for being wealthy:  FREE thoughts = RICH life.

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Welcome to my website

Hello and welcome to my new website called industry thoughts.  I thought i give a quick intro, my name is Kay, an Entrepreneur.

You can read all about me here.  The purpose of this blog is to give an insightful insight in to the industries in Birmingham and how they have been serving the public.  thoughtsBeing an entrepreneur and interacting with these industries over the years and currently still do, i have many thoughts, ideas and endeavours to share with you.

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