Thoughts are FREE – Part 2

SO, who’s business have you been in?  Yours? everybody else’s? or God’s Business?

Well today, being part of the property industry, i had a new property that i needed to start to manage, i was arranging the landlord Gas and various Certificates to be carried out by our reliable company we use;, and thought about how being a landlord or an agent how much we have to go into everyone else’s business, and how it can be quite a stressful industry to go in.


I began to ponder how in fact we can make this daily task very much stress free.  The best way for a landlord or even an agent is to make sure we have completed our business, that we don’t ever feel the need to get in anyone else’s business, as in the tenant, or maybe God’s possibly.

So if we get our property fully maintained and keep up with any yearly or any inspections, like we do with our inspection company we use, then we have done our bit and we wouldn’t be stressed about how a tenant would mistreat the property or any other matters, because if everything is up to date, they would have no issues, right?

A much better peace of mind for us and the tenant.  Our thoughts become FREE, and we have no need to get in anyone else’s business.  See our part 1 post.

Make sure to keep checking back for our next post with more of our insightful industry thoughts, in meantime if you have any queries, please contact us here.

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