Thoughts are FREE.

thoughtsfreeSo, here we are, my second post and as promised, i just want to talk about something that resonates with me each and everyday and also something i look at everyday, without it, i dont think i would have ever been able to write this blog.

As the title of this post suggests that ‘thoughts are free’, if we really understood this, the rest of our entrepenuerial journey as well as a day to day life would be so RICH with something that is FREE.  Formula for being wealthy:  FREE thoughts = RICH life.

Well you know its not really a formula, but just having good thoughts which are absolutely free can lead to a rich life.  Now let me explain, and i’m thinking i will need a few more posts on this subject, as ive realised this is quite an intensive subject.  But ill link back here when i do.  So having thoughts that are peaceful can only lead to a harmonious life, which in turn naturally attracts you to all that is good.  Hence i feel that industries that are really successful are the ones that deal with only their thoughts and only consider their business instead of stepping on the toes of other businesses.

The most important thing i’ve learnt, which byron katie from, mentions is that, in reality there are three businesses; The first business is your business, the second business is everybody else’s business and then the third is Gods business and we should only concern ourselves with our business as that is where success lies.  If we begin to look at everyone else’s business we end up neglecting our own business as we put all our energy into everyone else’s and none is left for our own business, which leads to a downward spiral, for our business.

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