Are you Hungry?

hungryIs that a yes or a no?  Not a maybe?

How you answered this question is very crucial to your business.  From what I’ve learnt from the business gurus of the world that you have to be Hungry to be successful and consistent in your field and to be highly successful!

Can you say you are still hungry from the time you started your business to now?

In order to be successful in what you are doing or business you have created, you have to still have the hunger you started of with, many years later and to date.  You have to be equally hungry from then to now, to keep the business going and to stay passionate at doing what you do and successful consistently.  Anytime you become content so will your business and it will stabilise and will not grow.  To keep growing you have to stay equally hungry from the day you started.

Ask any successful business that grows each year, whether they have the same passion, if not more from the moment they started? They will say ‘yes’, without a doubt.  That is the hunger that will continue to feed them and allow them to grow.

What is your hunger?

hungerIf you are not successful or have started a business, it is time to find out whats your hunger or what will feed you to grow.

Why did you start the business, what was your passion in creating such a product or service etc.?  These are some of the questions that will determine your business to grow.  Once you have found your purpose, your hunger, your passion, it is then time to feed it consistently, with daily action.  If you start sitting back, your business will not grow itself.  To make anything grow, you have to feed it right?  Hence what feeds the belly of your business or whatever it is you are trying to succeed in?  Once you know your answer to this then make sure to consistently with the same passion from day one, if not more, continue to feed that belly.

Yes, Life happens and there will be days with ups and downs, but to stay hungry will mean that when you have those downs, you know that you have a belly to feed so you cant stay down for long and get up and feed that belly.  If you have children that dependant on you, when you having a bad day there is a passion that still allows you to feed your child and you will never allow your child to go hungry, right? Apply the same principle to your business, you have to feed it even on those bad days, otherwise it will not grow.

I hope that this has been a motivational piece, much needed especially after a long break away, a reminder to myself first as i still have to keep growing.  Thank you for reading this far and i hope you can take something away and feed yourself with a lot more than this article.

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