Coaching in the Teaching Industry

I have to admit we have had a bit of a gap, in my posts, however we have been extremely busy with our latest venture in the teaching industry, where we have been coaching teachers in management positions, to allow them to manage the stress they experience with heir work and therefore, in turn it reduces stress in their work field and their staff. glass fix bolton

It has been a very enlightening experience to say the least.  We have learnt that if the management is stressed it can have quite an impact on the staff and their work environment.

We learnt to work not only with management but it was just as important to work with the staff.  We have left many workplaces from despair to harmonious places.  It was only one main factor we looked at which was the thought processes of the individuals regards to their work and the people they was working with.

A case study we did recently on Landlord Gas Safe Certificate Birmingham, with their management and employees was a great insight, this case study we will publish at a later date and post separately to this post and link back when we do, so please be patient with us whilst we collate all our work.  However, we found a company that works with the public and uses public services, it is essential to make sure there is swift communication and thorough management skills throughout the whole process of the service given.

All workplaces need some sort of coach or mentor, however indirectly or directly they will always have one.  whether it be a family member or someone they look up to, they will for sure need one to make sure they have successful business.  Thus it is essential in my view that each and every business must employ a mentor to help through each process if their business in a concise and efficient way.

A company or a business is driven by the need to provide a service and create a profit daily, hence we need to create a balance in both these fields, a balance is essential in providing the service in the best and most professional way so both the customer and service provider is happy.  It is essential the business first an foremost make sure they are providing the service in the best way possible, that the customer is receiving the service or even the product in the way they desire and once this is carried out it will attract the abundance of profit that company or business desired.  If a business starts cutting corners, there profit will also see to have corners cut, which no business wants.  Hence, here i point out no business should cut corners when providing a service or product in order to receive the highest profit.  To receive a high profitable venture the best possible service needs to be given to each an every individual, through the structure of the business or company, from the director, to the management, to the employees, to the customer etc.

In order to learn more about the coaching process, please be sure to stay tuned in and we will be delivering some more detailed posts in the near future on this process.  In the meantime if you have any further question or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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