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Birmingham Industries was developed by an entrepreneur who has coached many in different industries.  After living a next to normal life, suddenly realising, that he was not content with life in general and being pursuit of the materialistic life.  There was an empty feeling throughout that needed to be filled, and suddenly after different life events that took a toll on his health etc. a wake up call was needed.

Although he was very successful in his industry in regards to the materialistic wealth he had accumulated, he still became very ill.  He began searching for answers and realised materials and physical objects can not make you live a fully fulfilled life.

He began on a spiritual journey, learning about different religions and thought processes.  We all are religious to some degree, and believe there is an almighty existence who has created all this for purpose to be fulfilled by us.  Through religion his spiritual journey led him to different thought processes, such as, Wayne Dyers, ‘The Shift’ Movie and Joe dispenser; how he explains the science behind how the brain works and how it can be rewired.

So he began to rewire, and the shift came, and he did the work, and became the most peaceful successful entrepreneur and coach to his community in Birmingham UK.

This whole website and blog is dedicated to how he does this and his daily encounters.  If you have any questions or would like to interact with him or us please contact us here.